May 4, 2017

Polarized Fiber Optic Transmission

Prof. Armando Vannucci

M.Sc. Communication Engineering – 1st year – 2nd semetster

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Polarization of light.

Fiber-optic propagation of polarized light.

Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and PMD compensation techniques.

Formalisms to represent polarized optical signals and polarization-sensitive optical systems.



Alberto Bononi, Armando Vannucci, “PMD: a Math Primer”, technical report 14 july 2001, rev. 18/12/2008, available at the Faculty copying facility.

Andrea Galtarossa, Curtis R. Menyuk, (Eds.), “Polarization Mode Dispersion”, Ed. Springer (New York, USA), 2005, ISBN-10: 0-387-23193-5.

Jay N. Damask, “Polarization Optics in Telecommunications”, Ed. Springer (New York, USA), 2005, ISBN: 0-387-22493-9.


Course Goals

Knowledge of the techniques and formalisms used for representing the polarization of light.

Understanding linear propagation in fiber optics, with an emphasis on polarization related phenomena.

Applying mathematical/geometrical tools for the description of light polarization, within the telecommunications context or other technological contexts.

Ability to apply the techniques of propagation of polarized light, to evaluate distortions and penalties in telecom systems.


Lectures and Laboratories

class lectures (36h), given by the teacher, with the aid of blackboard and overhead projector/PC (for showing software applications, figures, web pages).

simulation laboratory (4h), using the open source simulator Optilux (University of Parma) for signal propagation in fiber optics.

measurement laboratory (2h), using hardware instruments and devices.


Extra Info

For this course, informations and materials are available on the Elly/Moodle weblearning platform